Certified Meat Program American Wagyu Flat Iron Steak
Certified Meat Program American Wagyu Flat Iron Steak
Certified Meat Program American Wagyu Flat Iron Steak
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Certified Meat Program American Wagyu Flat Iron Steak

Certified Meat Program American Wagyu Flat Iron Steak

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This particular steak is none other than the flat iron, expertly crafted from the chuck of exquisite American Wagyu beef—a fusion of Black Angus and Wagyu cattle. With a name that varies by region, from butlers' steak in the UK to feather steak in Australia and New Zealand, this cut boasts a unique distinction. Sourced from the chuck, or shoulder of the animal, it is sliced with the grain, leading to its characteristic shape. Each steak is 8oz

What to expect

Portion: Each steak is 8oz

Chef's Tips: To assist you in preparing this magnificent cut of beef to perfection, each order comes with delicious Truffle Shuffle-certified recipes.

Sourcing: Our Flat Iron Steaks are sourced exclusively from cattle raised at Snake River Farms in the United States, ensuring consistent quality and availability. The outstanding quality of American Wagyu beef sets our American Wagyu Flat Iron Steak apart. Renowned as the finest beef raised in the United States, it epitomizes culinary excellence.

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Our American Wagyu Flat Iron Steak is a steak lover's delight that's ready to steal the show at your next meal.

Flavor Profile: The Flat Iron Steak delights the palate with its robust, beefy flavors, while its texture offers remarkable tenderness. It ranks as the second most tender steak, just after the celebrated filet mignon. Expect a big, bold, and deeply beefy taste reminiscent of the New York Strip.

Cooking Recommendations: The culinary possibilities are abundant. You can grill, sear, pan-roast, or use sous-vide techniques to prepare this versatile steak.

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