Black Truffle Chicken Marsala
Black Truffle Chicken Marsala
Black Truffle Chicken Marsala
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Black Truffle Chicken Marsala

Black Truffle Chicken Marsala

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From the chef

Ever wanted to create a restaurant-worthy dish at home? Join us for our on-demand class and let's create a culinary masterpiece together: Black Truffle Chicken Marsala! Picture tender chicken, earthy black truffle flavors, and that rich Marsala wine sauce – a dish that's sure to wow your taste buds. Grab your ingredient kit today and dive into this indulgent experience together and turn your kitchen into a five-star dining spot!

What to expect

In this on-demand experience, you will receive

- An Ingredient kit with everything you need to make this dish
- Wine pairing suggestion
- Special access to a master class-style video on cooking this dish from start to finish
- Helpful tips & tricks from the chef

When will it arrive?

Your ingredient kit will arrive 1-3 days after the ship-out date.

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Learn to cook an absolutely irresistible Chicken Marsala, Truffle Shuffle-style, with white beech mushrooms, our Marsala wine reduction, and world-famous Truffle Carpaccio! We will teach you each step to pan-fry chicken to golden brown perfection, then use the resulting fond to build flavor with garlic, thyme, butter, stock, and wine to make a sauce so perfect you’ll have to stop yourself from finishing it before the pasta is ready! Just when you think it can’t get any better, you’ll serve it all over a warm bowl of penne pasta with Truffle Carpaccio and chives for garnish. Delicious just doesn’t quite cut it, this marsala is life-changing!

What you'll learn

  • Build confidence in using wine as a key ingredient in cooking.
  • Discover how each ingredient contributes to the overall taste, enhancing the depth of the dish through careful seasoning and cooking techniques.
  • Learn how to plate and serve a dish that's as visually appealing as it is delicious.

Mise En Place

Paper Towels
Chopping Board
Saute Pan
Wooden Spoon
Large Pot with Lid

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How long are the classes?

Most classes last between 1.5 to 2 hours, but the duration can vary depending on the complexity of the dish and the interaction level.

What if I miss a live class?

Don't worry! All live classes are recorded and can be accessed on-demand at your convenience.

Can I interact with the chefs during live classes?

Yes! Our live classes encourage interaction, and you can ask questions or seek clarification directly from the chefs.

What if I have dietary restrictions or preferences?

Many of our classes offer alternatives to accommodate various dietary needs. Please contact us in advance so we can assist you with suitable modifications.

How can I get support if I have questions or issues?

Our customer support team is here to help! You can reach us via email, chat, or phone as detailed on our Contact Us page.

How long does it take for my package to arrive?

Your package will usually arrive within 1-3 days of your ship by date.