Official Truffle Shuffle Gift Set
Official Truffle Shuffle Gift Set
Official Truffle Shuffle Gift Set
Official Truffle Shuffle Gift Set
Official Truffle Shuffle Gift Set
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Official Truffle Shuffle Gift Set

Official Truffle Shuffle Gift Set

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Introducing our "Official Truffle Shuffle Gift Set," a symphony of truffle-inspired culinary delights that will elevate your kitchen and dining experience. Each gift box includes 1 jar Truffle Carpaccio, 1 jar Brown Butter Truffle Honey, 1 Jar Balinese Truffle Salt.

What to expect

You will receive:

1 jar of Brown Butter Truffle Honey
1 jar of Balinese Truffle Salt
1 jar of Truffle Carpaccio

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This "Official Truffle Shuffle Gift Set" is a treasure trove for truffle enthusiasts, home chefs, and food connoisseurs.

Balinese Truffle Salt: Elevate your seasoning game with our Balinese Truffle Salt. Each jar contains pure natural sea salt sourced directly from an exclusive partnership with a family farm in Bali. Expertly combined with authentic Black Truffle from France, this truffle salt delivers a crisp, clean, and unforgettable truffle aroma.

Brown Butter Truffle Honey: Delight in the harmonious blend of sweet and savory with our Brown Butter Truffle Honey. Crafted with the finest honey sourced from Marshall Farms in Napa, each spoonful delivers a sumptuous symphony of flavors. Use it as a glaze, drizzle, or dip to add a gourmet twist to your culinary creations.

Truffle Carpaccio: Dive into the world of authentic truffle indulgence with our exquisite Truffle Carpaccio. Sliced, aromatic black truffle pieces are preserved in extra virgin olive oil, capturing their intense earthy aroma and complex flavors. This luxurious condiment adds a touch of opulence to your dishes and is perfect for finishing sauces, pastas, or grilled meats.

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