Limited Release Truffle Tango Hot Sauce
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Limited Release Truffle Tango Hot Sauce

Limited Release Truffle Tango Hot Sauce

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From the Chef

Chef Sarah Germany, who rents a piece of our kitchen, crafts some of the most delectable hot sauces we've ever sampled! Together, we've created a truffle hot sauce that promises a taste like no other you've experienced. 😋🌶️

What to expect

Indulge in this delectable hot sauce crafted from a harmonious blend of celery, carrots, onions, chilies, mushrooms, herbs, tomatillos, mango, guava, passion fruit, enriched with truffle salts, vinegar, black truffles, and truffle essence.

When will it arrive?

Expect your Tropical Truffle Hot Sauce to arrive just in time for Super Bowl week!

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Get ready for Game Day 2024 like never before with our Tropical Truffle Hot Sauce! Created in collaboration with Chef Sarah Germany, this game-changing sauce combines the classic French mire poix with 8 varieties of chilies, infused with Truffle Shuffle truffles, and blended with tropical fruit nectar. It's a sweet and tart hot sauce with a full-mouth heat that scores 7500 on the Scoville scale, delivering maximum spicy deliciousness. And yes, it's even "Grandma-approved." Stay tuned for a spicy story that will have you laughing and reaching for the hot sauce at your next game day gathering!